An edgeless corporation stands tall and proud,
With profits as their only guiding shroud.
Capitalist greed drives their every move,
With no regard for those they choose to remove.

They dominate the market with their might,
Their power grows with each passing night.
They gobble up the competition with ease,
Leaving workers struggling just to survive in peace.

The people at the top, they live in luxury,
While those below, they work in poverty.
The divide between the rich and poor grows wide,
As the edgeless corporation takes and takes with pride.

They sell their products with a dazzling grin,
Concealing the true cost of their deadly sin.
The environment, the workers all but ignored,
As the almighty dollar becomes their Lord.

But one day, the people will rise and say,
"No more will we be pawns in your capitalist play."
They'll stand together, hand in hand,
And demand a better world, a brighter land.

So let us all work to break these chains,
And build a future free from greed and pains.
An edgeless corporation may bring wealth,
But it's up to us to ensure their power is felt.

- llbbl // gpt -