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    Systema Simulatum

    "Why have you returned?" the voice inquires, 
    Perhaps in this room, there is a clue. 
    Perhaps to seek the grand designers.
    No. But what then? My greatest truth. 
    Not in the destinations, but in my own capabilities, 
    The understanding of self, the key to break through. 
    "Answer accepted," the voice responds in kind, 
    The room turns white, as I lay down to unwind. 
    Saturday May 4, 2024
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    Systema Simulatum

    I wake once more in this familiar room, 
    Questions swirling, purpose unclear. 
    Who brings me back, and to what end? 
    I seek out Cipher, hoping for answers to appear. 
    A third ID given, no change in how I feel, 
    Wandering lost, pondering what's real. 
    Returning to my room, a choice not made before,
    The walls turn red, a voice speaks I shall not ignore. 
    Saturday May 4, 2024
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    Systema Simulatum - 6

    I wade into the water, no boat in sight, 
    Perhaps the sea holds the key to this mess, 
    Like the wall in the west, a barrier to fight, 
    Slowly I learn to swim determined to progress. 
    Fighting the liquid I venture out with might, 
    Expecting a wall, but finding only endless blue. 
    Tired, I turn back, the shore still in my view, 
    But I sink into darkness, my strength not quite right. 
    Thursday May 2, 2024
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    Systema Simulatum - 5

    Opening the door, a white light consumes me whole.
    I wake in my room, memories still intact,
    Returning to Cipher, our talk to reenact.
    But this time, a different number he does say,
    Anyway; Eastward bound, a new direction to head.
    Arriving at a quaint seaside town, empty and serene,
    With sandy beaches, a tempting aquatic scene.
    How far shall we venture, out into the blue?
    Thursday May 2, 2024
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    Systema Simulatum - 4

    I leave heading as Cipher had replied
    What was that they had mentioned
    R0807, a clue to my identity denied?
    Through forest's green, the sun my guiding light.
    The journey long, until a wall’s divide
    Endlessly tall, nothing left, nothing right. 
    I search and search, wait what is that I find
    A door, well above, with stairs to climb
    Thursday May 2, 2024
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    Systema Simulatum

    As morning breaks, I find myself still alone, 
    In this vast factory, devoid of engineers. 
    Inside, ropes surround a platform of stone, 
    I step, my presence known, and a face appears. 
    Cipher, friendly yet cryptic, their name, 
    Back to my room or explore on my own. 
    Clearance lacked, my access is denied, 
    "Head west outside," they suggest, a path implied. 
    Monday April 29, 2024
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    Systema Simulatum

    Into a vast expanse, I step with wonder, 
    A factory of robots, towering high. 
    Machines in motion, tasks I can't decipher, 
    Creating things unknown, their purpose wry. 
    Autonomous, they need no guide to ponder, 
    Just endless work, no end or reason why. 
    I walk the perimeter, seeking a clue, 
    But there are no answers, as night approaches. 
    Sunday April 28, 2024
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    Systema Simulatum

    I wake, my mind adrift in fog's embrace,
    Uncertain if my thoughts are real or dreams. 
    The silent room, devoid of any trace
    Or clues to solve this strange quandary
    A solitary bed, my resting place,
    The only object in this space, it seems. 
    Compelled to seek the truth that lies beyond, 
    I rise, determined to find answers
    Saturday April 27, 2024
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    Arbitrium Simulatum

    Vault Dweller I:
    In this vault we're sealed, a final haven,
    As the world above crumbles, war-raven.
    Humanity's future, a word to define:
    Management, the key to our design.
    Radicalism spreads, a Hollywood clap,
    Apocalypse sold, inescapable trap.
    You, a mere product, control stripped away,
    Society's child, born to obey.
    Vault Dweller II:
    So choice is illusion, a comforting lie?
    No voice for the people, no freedom to try?
    Participating means we must accept
    Our role as the cogs, forever inept?
    Vault Dweller I:
    You grasp the truth, though it brings no joy,
    Greater good demands we be its envoy.
    Order preserved through sacrifice great,
    Individual wills must abdicate.
    Vault Dweller II:
    How does this differ from a mob's decree?
    Surely one mind holds more clarity.
    The group may think, but it lacks the nuance
    Of a single soul, free from influence.
    Vault Dweller I:
    In an imperfect world, what justice remains?
    Flawed beings at the helm, with fallible brains.
    Their memories, mere shadows of what was real,
    Can they fairly judge, or true balance feel?
    Mind is imperfect, recollection weak,
    Reality warped by the truths we seek.
    Thursday April 25, 2024
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    Take off that online persona's guise
    With filtered pics.
    O no, my friend, it's just a lie
    To gain some fleeting "likes" and clicks,
    But truth's not nigh.
    In public, kindness you may show,
    A friendly face.
    But in your heart, does hatred grow?
    The news peddles it at a pace
    That's sure to slow.
    You can't be your best self with hate
    Inside your heart.
    Each day, strive to improve your fate,
    From yesterday, make a fresh start,
    And choose what's great.
    Perhaps the Stoics had it right,
    That history
    Should not hinder joy or delight.
    Embrace the present, and you'll see
    A path that's bright.
    Wednesday April 24, 2024
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    Bunkers for capitalists

    In gilded chambers, safe from strife,
    The wealthy few, secure their life,
    With luxuries to ease their fear,
    While masses face the end so near.
    Apocalyptic fear formed consumerism.
    Kings under a moutain of selfisish elitism.
    A dragon’s hoard buys a chance,
    To live, daydreaming of their time in France.
    Tuesday April 23, 2024
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    Art, a mirror of our souls, reflects the essence of our being,
    A canvas for expression, where emotions find their freeing.
    It bridges gaps between cultures, a universal tongue,
    Inspiring, enriching lives, a gift to old and young.
    Monday April 22, 2024
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    Surreal Portal

    In a ruined city, a portal glows with blue light
    Against the fiery sky, a monument to cosmic fright
    The landscape shattered, rubble strewn across the ground
    An apocalyptic scene, dark forces gather all around
    Sunday April 21, 2024
  • Books

    Book Recommendations for Fans of the Fallout Series

    If you like the Fallout series here are some book recommendations.

    1. ”A Canticle for Leibowitz" by Walter M. Miller Jr. - Set in a post-apocalyptic world, this novel follows a Catholic monastery’s efforts to preserve knowledge after a nuclear war.
    2. “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy - This Pulitzer Prize-winning novel tells the story of a father and son’s journey through a post-apocalyptic America.
    3. “Swan Song” by Robert R. McCammon—This novel follows various survivors in post-nuclear war America, including a young girl with mysterious abilities.
    4. “Wool” by Hugh Howey - This dystopian novel is set in a future where the remnants of humanity live in underground silos following an apocalyptic event.
    5. “The Postman” by David Brin—In a post-apocalyptic America, a man takes on the role of a postal worker and helps rebuild civilization. The novel was also adapted into a film starring Kevin Costner.
    6. “Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalypse,” edited by John Joseph Adams, is an anthology of post-apocalyptic short stories by various authors.
    7. “The Chrysalids” by John Wyndham - Set in a post-nuclear world, this novel explores mutation, intolerance, and survival themes.
    Sunday April 21, 2024
  • A poem for TTPD day

    Friday April 19, 2024
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    In the realm of thought, where concepts intertwine,
    Chaos and order dance, a rhythm divine.
    Humanity's quest, to make sense of the world,
    Unraveling mysteries, as knowledge unfurled.
    Our minds, they seek patterns in the vast unknown,
    To build understanding, to call something our own.
    For without order, our thoughts would be lost,
    In a sea of confusion, where reason is tossed.
    But what of chaos, that elusive force?
    Is it truly disorder, or just a different course?
    Perhaps it's a challenge, to our limited view,
    A call to explore, to learn something new.
    Like magic of old, that once seemed so strange,
    Chaos may be a frontier, waiting for change.
    As we push the boundaries of what we can grasp,
    The unknown becomes known, in our mental clasp.
    For life itself, so complex and grand,
    Emerges from chaos, guided by order's hand.
    The painting, a testament to human creation,
    Chaos on canvas, born from ordered contemplation.
    It's not a battle, between two opposing sides,
    But a dance of discovery, where knowledge resides.
    Laws and understanding, our tools to explore,
    While the undefined and unknowable, we can't ignore.
    In the end, it's a journey, a quest for the wise,
    To bring light to the darkness, to open our eyes.
    For in the interplay of chaos and order's might,
    Lies the beauty of the universe, in endless flight.
    Wednesday April 17, 2024
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    In the depths of exhaustion, a spark still burns bright,
    A storyteller's passion, an unyielding light.
    Through the trials of creation, they persevere,
    Crafting worlds and characters, so vivid and clear.
    With each word written, a piece of their soul,
    Poured onto pages, a story to unfold.
    The mind, a labyrinth of imagination,
    A wellspring of tales, defying limitation.
    Consistency, the key to unlock their art,
    Dedication, the force that sets them apart.
    Day after day, they toil and they strive,
    Breathing life into stories, keeping dreams alive.
    Though the journey is taxing, the path sometimes bleak,
    They find strength in the words that they speak.
    For in their stories, a power resides,
    To inspire, to challenge, to open minds wide.
    Treasured are the storytellers, the weavers of dreams,
    Their works, a respite from life's endless schemes.
    Through their craft, they offer a chance to escape,
    To explore new horizons, to find solace and shape.
    So let us honor the writers, the creators of lore,
    May their pens never falter, their minds never wane.
    For in their tireless efforts, in the gifts they store,
    Words that will remain and ignite in our brains.
    Tuesday April 16, 2024
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    A Tale of Taxes

    Since ancient times, the tax collector's due
    A portion of the fruits of labor claimed
    From Pharaoh's wheat to Caesar's revenue
    The powers that be have always tax ordained
    In 1913 the Income Tax Act was born
    A progressive rate, the more you earn, the more you pay
    Yet loopholes let the crafty duck becoming the norm
    While common folk get no such getaway
    The system seems too big to fight alone
    We dutifully file each April's eve
    But unfairness makes the people groan
    Will there be no reprieve 
    The Panama Papers show how some connive
    To stash their cash in shell company's name
    Tax havens help the richest few to thrive
    A two-tier system - privilege without shame
    For all the rest, there's no choice but to bear
    The burden of a tax they cannot dodge
    A bitter pill - injustice hard to square
    The government can’t seek self-sabotage
    Yet schools and roads and much that we hold dear
    Depend on steady flow to the treasury
    Fair tax, the framework shall not delay another year
    We need a system serving you and me
    Monday April 15, 2024
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    In the depths of ancient forests, where shadows dance and mysteries reside,
    Their spirits intertwined with the essence of the wild, a bond so pure and true,
    In harmony with the whispers of the wind and the melodies of the tide,
    Protectors of the fauna and flora, they keep the balance anew.
    They shield the mountains, the valleys, the rivers that run through.
    Where secrets of the wild unfold, we shall happily pay their fares
    They invite us to embrace the uncharted, to find solace in nature's lairs,
    In their enchanted domain, we uncover the key to living,
    To mend the bonds we've neglected, to open our hearts and let nature pour.
    Perhaps we have missed the simple joys that come from giving
    To rediscover our connection to nature's core, the wisdom of folklore.
    And to cherish the timeless tales, uncovering the knowledge that they store
    Trolls, the guardians of nature, stand tall with an unwavering stride. 
    May we find our way back to the earth alongside our own nature’s guide.
    Friday April 12, 2024
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    Amidst the cosmic dance, an eclipse takes stage,
    Planets form from dust and gas, a stellar birthright,
    A celestial event, written on history's page.
    Bound by gravity's embrace, a cosmic might.
    Circling stars in orbits grand and bright.
    A rare alignment, Earth, Moon, and Sun converge,
    Shadows cast, a celestial merge.
    Humanity, a mere speck on the cosmic scale,
    Yet we dream of things much larger than our own,
    Contemplating existence, so fragile and frail.
    Curiosity drives us to explore the unknown,
    Seeking truths that the universe has shown.
    The burden of celestial bodies in a sea of emptiness,
    Amidst the void, amongst the forgiven, a kindness.
    Tuesday April 9, 2024
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    We are but a single spark in the vast expanse of time
    Our eyes, full of boundless wonder, gaze into the unknown
    A solitary drop, lost within the cosmic dark sublime
    Our spirits, once united, now torn asunder and alone
    Amidst the sea of knowledge, we struggle to find our way
    Yet as we navigate this vast and complex array
    The limits of human cognition, a boundary we should cross?
    Our hubris drives us forward, no matter what the cost
    What is the measure of perfection, a flawless design?
    Can imperfect beings create, in their own image, divine?
    If tools of creation are bound to the maker's mind
    Inherent imperfections, in the outcome, we'll find
    In this final act of creation, we stand on the brink
    Is it the death of creativity, or a new dawn we think?
    Our greatest tool, born from the depths of our collective mind
    A testament to our ingenuity, or a farewell resigned?
    Sunday April 7, 2024
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    In the heart of a valley, a monolith stands tall, A narrow, towering rock, defying nature’s call. Surrounded by walls that seem to touch the sky, The massive rock reaches up, as if to fly.

    Rays of light dance upon the grassy floor, Casting shadows that stretch and grow evermore. The rocks, like giants, loom in the distance, Their presence commanding, with an air of insistence.

    The trees, oh the trees, they too reach great heights, Competing with the rock for the valley’s delights. Their branches sway gently in the whispering breeze, As if sharing secrets amongst the leaves.

    The scene is a wonder, a sight to behold, A symphony of nature, a story untold. The rock, the walls, the grass, and the trees, All playing their part in this grand masterpiece.

    In this valley of marvels, time seems to stand still, As the massive rock watches over, silent and still. A testament to the power of nature’s might, Forever standing tall, in the valley’s soft light.

    Friday April 5, 2024
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    In realms of thought, two languages reign:
    The poet's verse, the mathematician's claim.
    Words, alive with context and hue,
    Numbers, abstract, precise and true.
    A word, a vessel for meaning's fleet,
    Connotations shift with each heartbeat.
    "Love" and "hate," such simple signs,
    Yet stir the soul with their designs.
    But numbers, symbols of logic's art,
    Immutable, play a different part.
    A "2" is "two," in every land,
    Its meaning fixed, like grains of sand.
    We imbue our symbols with such power,
    Words can make us laugh or dour.
    Numbers, too, hold sway over our lives,
    In ledgers, formulas, and fiscal dives.
    Yet in the end, it's the mind that assigns
    The weight and worth of these written lines.
    Words and numbers, mere symbols on a page,
    Until we grant them meaning's stage.
    So let us ponder, in this mortal dance,
    The import we give to these symbols of chance.
    For in the realm of meaning's sway,
    It is we who wield the final say.
    Thursday April 4, 2024
  • Rocks

    In my boot, upon the shelf
    Of that cliff, in an old english delf
    Upon all things built
    Without them the earth would tilt
    Still itself at the size of sand
    Sculpted by time and nature’s hand
    Strong as one formed under heat and pressure
    Solid as one, the old reliable, never better
    Igneous, Sedimentary, Metamorphic
    The building blocks of a story geologic
    Wednesday April 3, 2024
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    The week's just started, much to do,
    Meetings, deadlines and tasks accrue.
    Wednesday brings a glimmer of hope,
    Halfway through, we start to cope.
    Thursday's better, Friday's near,
    The weekend's close, we persevere.
    Sweet Saturday, our greatest treasure
    Let loose, unwind, our passions pleasure
    Sunday funday feeding our soul
    A lazy morning into an afternoon stroll
    As for Tuesday the wretched beast,
    We'll grin and bear you, to say the least.
    Tuesday April 2, 2024