• Poems


    In the depths of ancient forests, where shadows dance and mysteries reside,
    Their spirits intertwined with the essence of the wild, a bond so pure and true,
    In harmony with the whispers of the wind and the melodies of the tide,
    Protectors of the fauna and flora, they keep the balance anew.
    They shield the mountains, the valleys, the rivers that run through.
    Where secrets of the wild unfold, we shall happily pay their fares
    They invite us to embrace the uncharted, to find solace in nature's lairs,
    In their enchanted domain, we uncover the key to living,
    To mend the bonds we've neglected, to open our hearts and let nature pour.
    Perhaps we have missed the simple joys that come from giving
    To rediscover our connection to nature's core, the wisdom of folklore.
    And to cherish the timeless tales, uncovering the knowledge that they store
    Trolls, the guardians of nature, stand tall with an unwavering stride. 
    May we find our way back to the earth alongside our own nature’s guide.
    Friday April 12, 2024
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    Amidst the cosmic dance, an eclipse takes stage,
    Planets form from dust and gas, a stellar birthright,
    A celestial event, written on history's page.
    Bound by gravity's embrace, a cosmic might.
    Circling stars in orbits grand and bright.
    A rare alignment, Earth, Moon, and Sun converge,
    Shadows cast, a celestial merge.
    Humanity, a mere speck on the cosmic scale,
    Yet we dream of things much larger than our own,
    Contemplating existence, so fragile and frail.
    Curiosity drives us to explore the unknown,
    Seeking truths that the universe has shown.
    The burden of celestial bodies in a sea of emptiness,
    Amidst the void, amongst the forgiven, a kindness.
    Tuesday April 9, 2024
  • Poems


    We are but a single spark in the vast expanse of time
    Our eyes, full of boundless wonder, gaze into the unknown
    A solitary drop, lost within the cosmic dark sublime
    Our spirits, once united, now torn asunder and alone
    Amidst the sea of knowledge, we struggle to find our way
    Yet as we navigate this vast and complex array
    The limits of human cognition, a boundary we should cross?
    Our hubris drives us forward, no matter what the cost
    What is the measure of perfection, a flawless design?
    Can imperfect beings create, in their own image, divine?
    If tools of creation are bound to the maker's mind
    Inherent imperfections, in the outcome, we'll find
    In this final act of creation, we stand on the brink
    Is it the death of creativity, or a new dawn we think?
    Our greatest tool, born from the depths of our collective mind
    A testament to our ingenuity, or a farewell resigned?
    Sunday April 7, 2024
  • Poems


    In the heart of a valley, a monolith stands tall, A narrow, towering rock, defying nature’s call. Surrounded by walls that seem to touch the sky, The massive rock reaches up, as if to fly.

    Rays of light dance upon the grassy floor, Casting shadows that stretch and grow evermore. The rocks, like giants, loom in the distance, Their presence commanding, with an air of insistence.

    The trees, oh the trees, they too reach great heights, Competing with the rock for the valley’s delights. Their branches sway gently in the whispering breeze, As if sharing secrets amongst the leaves.

    The scene is a wonder, a sight to behold, A symphony of nature, a story untold. The rock, the walls, the grass, and the trees, All playing their part in this grand masterpiece.

    In this valley of marvels, time seems to stand still, As the massive rock watches over, silent and still. A testament to the power of nature’s might, Forever standing tall, in the valley’s soft light.

    Friday April 5, 2024
  • Poems


    In realms of thought, two languages reign:
    The poet's verse, the mathematician's claim.
    Words, alive with context and hue,
    Numbers, abstract, precise and true.
    A word, a vessel for meaning's fleet,
    Connotations shift with each heartbeat.
    "Love" and "hate," such simple signs,
    Yet stir the soul with their designs.
    But numbers, symbols of logic's art,
    Immutable, play a different part.
    A "2" is "two," in every land,
    Its meaning fixed, like grains of sand.
    We imbue our symbols with such power,
    Words can make us laugh or dour.
    Numbers, too, hold sway over our lives,
    In ledgers, formulas, and fiscal dives.
    Yet in the end, it's the mind that assigns
    The weight and worth of these written lines.
    Words and numbers, mere symbols on a page,
    Until we grant them meaning's stage.
    So let us ponder, in this mortal dance,
    The import we give to these symbols of chance.
    For in the realm of meaning's sway,
    It is we who wield the final say.
    Thursday April 4, 2024
  • Rocks

    In my boot, upon the shelf
    Of that cliff, in an old english delf
    Upon all things built
    Without them the earth would tilt
    Still itself at the size of sand
    Sculpted by time and nature’s hand
    Strong as one formed under heat and pressure
    Solid as one, the old reliable, never better
    Igneous, Sedimentary, Metamorphic
    The building blocks of a story geologic
    Wednesday April 3, 2024
  • Poems


    The week's just started, much to do,
    Meetings, deadlines and tasks accrue.
    Wednesday brings a glimmer of hope,
    Halfway through, we start to cope.
    Thursday's better, Friday's near,
    The weekend's close, we persevere.
    Sweet Saturday, our greatest treasure
    Let loose, unwind, our passions pleasure
    Sunday funday feeding our soul
    A lazy morning into an afternoon stroll
    As for Tuesday the wretched beast,
    We'll grin and bear you, to say the least.
    Tuesday April 2, 2024
  • Poems


    When an embrace of peace,
    All our troubles may cease
    Into the stillness of the night
    All our thoughts take flight
    Under a deep calm, a healing soothing balm
    Rest our sanctuary for the soul, making us whole
    In the darkess of our minds, where unspoken truths unwind
    The inevitable surrender, a gentle fall, into sleep’s inviting, silent call.
    Monday April 1, 2024
  • Gaming

    Unveiling the Mystery: How to Discover the Heart of the Sea in Minecraft

    DALL·E 2024-03-14 21.20.17 - A vibrant, engaging scene depicting the journey of finding the Heart of the Sea in Minecraft. The image showcases a player in Minecraft-style armor di.

    Minecraft's vast, expansive world is filled with countless treasures, but few are as coveted as the Heart of the Sea. This rare item is not just a trophy; it's a key component in crafting one of the most useful items for underwater exploration and construction - the Conduit. But where do you find this elusive Heart of the Sea, and what steps must you take to obtain it? Let's dive into the depths of Minecraft and uncover the secrets of acquiring this precious item.

    The Journey Begins: Unearthing Buried Treasure

    The quest for the Heart of the Sea starts with the search for buried treasure maps. These maps are the only clue to finding the hidden treasures that lie beneath the sand. But how do you find these maps? There are three main avenues:

    - Small Underwater Ruins: With a 41.7% chance of housing a treasure map, these ruins are a good starting point.

    - Large Underwater Ruins: Slightly better odds here, at 43.5%, but still not a guaranteed find.

    - Shipwrecks: The most reliable source, offering a 100% chance of containing a buried treasure map. Shipwrecks can be found in oceans or on beaches, hiding the maps within their chests.

    Once you've secured a map, the real adventure begins. A buried treasure map in Minecraft looks distinctly different from a regular map. It features orange and white lines, with land masses outlined in white and black.

    The center of the map is marked with an "X," indicating the treasure's location, while a white dot represents your current position. As you move closer to the treasure, the dot grows, guiding you to your prize.

    The Reward: Heart of the Sea

    After following the map and reaching the "X," you'll likely need to dig, sometimes underwater, to uncover the buried treasure chest. Within it, alongside valuable resources like iron and gold ingots, lies the Heart of the Sea. 

    This item is the centerpiece in crafting a Conduit - an underwater beacon that grants enhanced abilities like improved vision, breathing, mining speed, and protection against hostile mobs. It's an indispensable tool for anyone looking to establish underwater bases or farms.

    Crafting the Conduit: The Final Step

    To craft a Conduit, you'll need eight Nautilus Shells in addition to the Heart of the Sea. The combination of these items creates a powerful beacon, opening a new realm of possibilities for underwater adventures and construction.

    Your Next Adventure Awaits

    This quest for the Heart of the Sea? It's just the beginning. With Nautilus Shells and your newfound treasure, you're about to craft something that's not just game-changing—it's game-defining.

    So dive in, chase those shipwrecks, and let the ocean's mysteries unfold. Whether you're here for the builds, the thrills, or just the chill of discovering hidden treasures, the Heart of the Sea is your key to an epic underwater saga.

    Don't miss out on our other guides, especially on Nautilus Shells and Conduits, to maximize your Minecraft adventures. Ready to make waves? Let's get this underwater party started!

    Thursday March 14, 2024
  • empty, nothing

    Friday March 1, 2024
  • We are all one spark

    Eyes full of wonder

    Drop in the cosmic dark

    Spirits torn asunder

    Friday February 16, 2024
  • DevOps

    My Recommended Way to Run WordPress in 2024

    For Small to Medium Sized Sites

    Here is where I would start with:

    1. Server Management - SpinupWP - $12/m
    2. Hosting - Vultr or DO - $12/m
    3. Speed + Security - Cloudflare APO - $5/m

    With Cloudflare and the Paid APO Plugin, you will go from like 200 requests/sec to 600 requests/sec.

    Sunday February 11, 2024
  • You know the next Generation will start some time in 2025 or 2026?

    You know what letter comes after A or Gen-Alpha? 🍎







    You know what comes after that???


    Like and Subscribe ya Goblins

    Sunday February 11, 2024
  • Hello to my micro.blog friends. I hope you are well. 🤗

    Friday February 2, 2024
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    Monday December 18, 2023
  • Should I get:

    1. Street Fighter 6 🧯
    2. Armored Core 6 Fires of Rubicon 🦾
    Tuesday December 12, 2023
  • If you are Mastodon, reply to this if you see the message. 💖 🤔 🎉

    Sunday December 10, 2023
  • DevOps

    Think I’m going to move all my Personal sites over to K3s. Rolling deploys and Rollbacks are just better with Kubernetes than the symlink craziness you have to do when not using Containers. Works great on Homelab. Now to get k3s set up on a VM.

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    Saturday December 9, 2023
  • Gaming

    Christmas Card for or FROM the GenZ Gamer In Your Life

    Yo Fam,

    Merry Litmas! 🎄💥 This holiday season is gonna be straight fire, no cap. Just like my epic gaming sessions, I'm wishing you unlimited loot and zero lag in all your festive quests.

    Remember, don't just camp under the Christmas tree, go full beast mode on those presents! And keep your holiday spirits higher than my Fortnite kill count. Let's make this Christmas more legendary than a rare drop in [insert popular game].

    Stay frosty and may your WiFi be as strong as your coffee. Let's catch up for a gaming sesh over the hols – maybe I'll even let you win for once. 😉

    Peace, love, and GGs,

    [Your Name]

    P.S. Santa better not nerf my gifts this year. 🎮🎁

    Seasons xp

    Tuesday December 5, 2023
  • Poems

    In the whirl of life's unceasing dance,

    Where everything shifts in a glance,

    Though change happens like the tide,

    Be like the dude who abides

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    Tuesday November 28, 2023
  • DevOps

    It took 20 versions for NodeJS to support ENVs, but here we are. Welcome to the future. 🎉🤡

    Thursday November 16, 2023
  • Anyone use Photomator a lot? Nice on mobile? Still useful on desktop? I love Pixelmator pro. Saw Photomator come up on the App Store awards. @maique

    Wednesday November 15, 2023
  • Tuesday November 14, 2023
  • Programming

    Launching My First Rust Crate: pkglock

    Excited to share my first Rust crate: pkglock 🚀

    pkglock is a CLI tool that automates the process of switching URLs in your package-lock.json. Tailored to ease the management of local and remote npm registries, it stands out as a handy utility for developers.

    Key Features: Configurable: Set up and switch between local and remote URLs effortlessly. Command-Line Support: Execute with various options straight from the command line.

    I rewrote it in rust to avoid having to transpile JS in order to support CommonJS and ESM.

    Monday October 30, 2023
  • Thoughts

    Woke up in a panic, thinking it was Wednesday. Turned out to be, in fact, the Weekend.

    Llbbl waking up in a panic be6b6a72 9c4e 4549 9255 fa57db15b68a

    Saturday October 28, 2023