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Art, Poetry, Programming, DevOps, Kubernetes, TTRPG

LLBBL is an acronym for my initials.

It’s pronounced like this:

| lä | bē | bo͝ol |


Lil'+🐝 +🐂

Your Dreams Matter, Here Are Some of Mine

I dream of a world with a fair and equitable society where every individual has equal access to opportunities and resources, regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic status, or any other factors. The dream is a community where everyone is treated with dignity and respect and can reach their full potential; this means addressing and dismantling systemic discrimination and injustices embedded in our institutions and culture for centuries.

In addition, I dream of a community that has a sustainable impact on our environment and a society that recognizes the importance of preserving and protecting our planet for future generations; this means taking action to reduce our carbon footprint, investing in renewable energy, protecting our natural resources and biodiversity, and promoting sustainable practices in all aspects of life. We must do this to ensure that we leave behind a livable planet for our children and future generations.

Other Places You Can Find Me

Programming Languages I Build With

  • Rust
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • PHP

DevOps Tools I Know

  • Kubernetes
  • Ansible
  • Bash
  • Terraform
  • CloudFormation
  • gcloud

Art Esthetics I Like

  • Pixelated Cyberpunk
  • Studio Ghibli Illustrations
  • D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) Art
  • Fantasy Role-Playing Character Art
  • Neowave

Comics That I Love

  • Monstress
  • The Wicked + The Divine
  • Vox Machina
  • Saga
  • Rat Queens
  • Birthright
  • Locke & Key
  • Invincible

I don’t check it much but you can also find me on Mastodon here: https://phpc.social/@llbbl