Gender-Affirming Care for Trans Youth Is Neither New nor Experimental: A Timeline and Compilation of Studies | by Julia Serano | May, 2023 | Medium:

I’ve read countless trans-skeptical and “just asking questions” articles about the gender affirmative model, and they always have one glaring omission. Specifically, they focus solely on gender-affirming practices — social transition, puberty delay, hormone therapy, and surgeries — and portray them as “novel” and “active” interventions that require further scrutiny. This framing makes it seem as though the alternative approach (passively “doing nothing”) is an inherently neutral and less risky option. But “doing nothing” is not doing nothing! It involves actively disaffirming trans kids’ genders — and we have lots of research on the impacts of that approach.

We should all read more LGBTQ-supportive articles this month. 🏳️‍🌈