Here Are 50 movies from Animation to Anime.

Animation has the power to breathe life into our wildest dreams and fantasies. From the heartwarming tales of friendship and adventure to the intricate narratives of anime, this collection of 50 films represents the pinnacle of animated storytelling. Dive into a universe where colors, sounds, and emotions blend seamlessly, and let these movies whisk you away on a journey of wonder and nostalgia.

For children aged 5 to 10, every day is an adventure waiting to unfold. This is the age of first friendships, learning to read and write, and discovering the world in all its wonder. Animated movies that cater to school-age children often capture the essence of these formative years. They provide tales of bravery, friendship, and the magic of believing in oneself. Whether it’s a story about a young hero embarking on a quest or a tale of friendship that transcends boundaries, these films offer entertainment and gentle lessons that stay with them as they grow.

Western Animation

  1. Kung Fu Panda - Join Po, the unlikely hero, as he discovers his destiny to become the Dragon Warrior. TMBD, Likewise
  2. Despicable Me - Watch the journey of Gru, a supervillain who adopts three young girls and changes for the better. TMBD, Likewise
  3. My Little Pony: The Movie - Join Twilight Sparkle and her friends as they embark on an adventure to save Equestria. TMBD, Likewise
  4. Finding Nemo - Dive into the underwater world as Marlin and Dory search for Marlin’s missing son, Nemo. TMBD, Likewise
  5. Frozen - Experience the bond of two royal sisters, Anna and Elsa, as they save their kingdom of Arendelle. TMBD, Likewise
  6. Tangled - Follow Rapunzel’s journey outside the tower, accompanied by the charming Flynn Rider. TMBD, Likewise
  7. Toy Story - Dive into a world where toys come to life when humans aren’t looking. TMBD, Likewise
  8. Moana - Embark on an oceanic journey with Moana to restore the heart of Te Fiti. TMBD, Likewise
  9. Cars - Join Lightning McQueen as he discovers the value of friendship in the small town of Radiator Springs. TMBD, Likewise
  10. The Lion King - Witness the epic tale of young Simba’s journey to reclaim Pride Rock. TMBD, Likewise
  11. Shrek - Enjoy the adventures of Shrek, Fiona, and Donkey in a fairy tale world turned upside down. TMBD, Likewise
  12. Madagascar - Follow four zoo animals as they get a taste of the wild after being stranded on an island. TMBD, Likewise
  13. The Incredibles - Meet a family of superheroes trying to live a normal life. TMBD, Likewise
  14. Ratatouille - Relish the culinary journey of Remy, a rat who dreams of becoming a chef. TMBD, Likewise
  15. Brave - Discover the story of Merida, a princess who defies tradition and carves her own path. TMBD, Likewise
  16. Zootopia - Dive into a city where predator and prey live in harmony, and uncover a mystery with Officer Judy Hopps. TMBD, Likewise
  17. How to Train Your Dragon - Join Hiccup and Toothless in their adventures in a world of Vikings and dragons. TMBD, Likewise
  18. The Little Mermaid - Dive under the sea with Ariel, a mermaid who longs for a life on land. TMBD, Likewise
  19. Mulan - Journey with Mulan as she disguises herself as a man to save her father. TMBD, Likewise
  20. Pocahontas - Explore the story of Pocahontas and her encounter with settler John Smith. TMBD, Likewise
  21. Rio - Soar with Blu, a domesticated macaw, as he discovers the wilds of Rio de Janeiro. TMBD, Likewise
  22. Over the Hedge - Dive into suburban life with a group of forest animals. TMBD, Likewise
  23. Megamind - Revel in the tale of a supervillain who finds a new purpose after defeating his nemesis. TMBD, Likewise
  24. WALL-E - Journey with WALL-E, a lonely robot, as he discovers love and the importance of saving Earth. TMBD
  25. The Princess and the Frog - Embark on a magical journey in New Orleans with Tiana and Prince Naveen. TMBD, Likewise

Anime (Japanese Animation)

  1. My Neighbor Totoro - Explore the countryside with two young sisters and their magical friend Totoro. TMBD | Likewise
  2. Kiki’s Delivery Service - Follow Kiki, a young witch, as she starts her own delivery business in a new town. TMBD | Likewise
  3. Ponyo - Dive into the story of a fish-girl who wants to become human after befriending a young boy. TMBD | Likewise
  4. The Secret World of Arrietty - Unveil the lives of tiny people living secretly in human homes. TMBD | Likewise
  5. Doraemon: Nobita’s Dinosaur - Join Nobita and his robotic cat, Doraemon, on an adventure back in time. TMBD | Likewise
  6. Spirited Away - Join Chihiro as she navigates a world of spirits after her parents are turned into pigs. TMBD | Likewise
  7. Whisper of the Heart - Explore the world of young love and artistic inspiration. TMBD | Likewise
  8. The Cat Returns - Delve into a feline world after a girl saves a mysterious cat. TMBD | Likewise
  9. Castle in the Sky - Embark on a skyward adventure to find a legendary floating castle. TMBD | Likewise
  10. Summer Wars - Dive into a digital world where a young math prodigy must save the day. TMBD | Likewise
  11. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time - Discover the consequences of time travel with a girl who gains this mysterious power. TMBD | Likewise
  12. Wolf Children - Witness the lives of two children born from the union of a human and a wolf. TMBD | Likewise
  13. A Silent Voice - Unfold the story of redemption and friendship between a deaf girl and her former bully. TMBD | Likewise
  14. Mary and the Witch’s Flower - Venture with Mary into a school for witches after finding a mysterious flower. TMBD | Likewise
  15. Detective Conan: The Time Bombed Skyscraper - Solve mysteries with the brilliant mind of a detective trapped in a child’s body. TMBD | Likewise
  16. Crayon Shin-chan: Action Mask vs. Leotard Devil - Enjoy the antics of a mischievous boy and his alter ego superhero. TMBD | Likewise
  17. Lu Over the Wall - Delight in the story of a young boy’s encounter with a mermaid. TMBD | Likewise
  18. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day - Relive childhood memories with a group of friends haunted by a past incident. TMBD | Likewise
  19. When Marnie Was There - Dive into a tale of friendship and memories between two young girls. TMBD | Likewise
  20. Your Name - Experience a tale of two teenagers who swap bodies and the mystery that binds them. TMBD | Likewise
  21. Weathering With You - Explore a rain-soaked Tokyo with a boy and a girl who can control the weather. TMBD | Likewise
  22. Pokémon: The First Movie - Join Ash and Pikachu in their adventure against the legendary Pokémon, Mewtwo. TMBD | Likewise
  23. Doraemon: Nobita and the Birth of Japan - Travel through time with Doraemon and friends. TMBD | Likewise
  24. Digimon Adventure: Our War Game! - Dive into the digital world with the DigiDestined as they battle a viral threat. TMBD | Likewise

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