We are but a single spark in the vast expanse of time
Our eyes, full of boundless wonder, gaze into the unknown
A solitary drop, lost within the cosmic dark sublime
Our spirits, once united, now torn asunder and alone

Amidst the sea of knowledge, we struggle to find our way
Yet as we navigate this vast and complex array
The limits of human cognition, a boundary we should cross?
Our hubris drives us forward, no matter what the cost

What is the measure of perfection, a flawless design?
Can imperfect beings create, in their own image, divine?
If tools of creation are bound to the maker's mind
Inherent imperfections, in the outcome, we'll find

In this final act of creation, we stand on the brink
Is it the death of creativity, or a new dawn we think?
Our greatest tool, born from the depths of our collective mind
A testament to our ingenuity, or a farewell resigned?