In the depths of ancient forests, where shadows dance and mysteries reside,
Their spirits intertwined with the essence of the wild, a bond so pure and true,
In harmony with the whispers of the wind and the melodies of the tide,
Protectors of the fauna and flora, they keep the balance anew.
They shield the mountains, the valleys, the rivers that run through.
Where secrets of the wild unfold, we shall happily pay their fares
They invite us to embrace the uncharted, to find solace in nature's lairs,

In their enchanted domain, we uncover the key to living,
To mend the bonds we've neglected, to open our hearts and let nature pour.
Perhaps we have missed the simple joys that come from giving
To rediscover our connection to nature's core, the wisdom of folklore.
And to cherish the timeless tales, uncovering the knowledge that they store
Trolls, the guardians of nature, stand tall with an unwavering stride. 
May we find our way back to the earth alongside our own nature’s guide.