Vault Dweller I:
In this vault we're sealed, a final haven,
As the world above crumbles, war-raven.
Humanity's future, a word to define:
Management, the key to our design.
Radicalism spreads, a Hollywood clap,
Apocalypse sold, inescapable trap.
You, a mere product, control stripped away,
Society's child, born to obey.

Vault Dweller II:
So choice is illusion, a comforting lie?
No voice for the people, no freedom to try?
Participating means we must accept
Our role as the cogs, forever inept?

Vault Dweller I:
You grasp the truth, though it brings no joy,
Greater good demands we be its envoy.
Order preserved through sacrifice great,
Individual wills must abdicate.

Vault Dweller II:
How does this differ from a mob's decree?
Surely one mind holds more clarity.
The group may think, but it lacks the nuance
Of a single soul, free from influence.

Vault Dweller I:
In an imperfect world, what justice remains?
Flawed beings at the helm, with fallible brains.
Their memories, mere shadows of what was real,
Can they fairly judge, or true balance feel?
Mind is imperfect, recollection weak,
Reality warped by the truths we seek.