• DevOps

    Think I’m going to move all my Personal sites over to K3s. Rolling deploys and Rollbacks are just better with Kubernetes than the symlink craziness you have to do when not using Containers. Works great on Homelab. Now to get k3s set up on a VM.

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    Saturday December 9, 2023
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    It took 20 versions for NodeJS to support ENVs, but here we are. Welcome to the future. 🎉🤡

    Thursday November 16, 2023
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    Programmers: Dracula theme + JetBrains Mono = ✅

    Friday October 20, 2023
  • DevOps

    Got the AWS account mostly cleaned up. My Mailcoach version didn’t support PHP 8.2 so had to ditch it after spending time migrating and getting it setup on the new server. Only Two VMSs on Vultr so far. The plausible server will be third. Will be fully migrated by the weekend. 

    Wednesday June 14, 2023
  • DevOps

    Time to migrate off AWS. Looking at saving $100 a month and moving to Vultr.

    Monday June 12, 2023
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    Breaking RSA

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    RSA encryption is based on the difficulty of factoring large composite numbers into their prime factors. To break RSA encryption, one must factorize the public key, a product of two large prime numbers. The number of qubits required to factorize a number N using Shor's algorithm (a quantum algorithm that can be used to factorize integers) is 2n + 3, where n is the number of bits in N.

    For instance, RSA-2048, a common RSA key size used in practice, comprises two 1024-bit prime numbers. To break this, one would need approximately 2*2048 + 3 = 4099 qubits. However, this is a simplification, as the number of qubits required would depend on the specifics of the quantum computer and quantum error correction techniques used, which could significantly increase the number of qubits required.

    Having enough qubits isn't the only challenge. The qubits must be interconnected in a way that allows the implementation of the quantum gates needed for Shor's algorithm, and the machine must be able to maintain quantum coherence long enough to complete the operation.

    Tuesday May 30, 2023
  • DevOps

    GitOps also allows for version control and rollback capabilities. With NoOps, there is a lack of visibility and control over the deployment pipeline, which can lead to potential errors and security issues. GitOps also promotes a culture of continuous integration and delivery.

    Wednesday February 1, 2023
  • DevOps

    GRANT commands in PostgreSQL allow a user to assign privileges on a database object to other users. Syntax: GRANT privilege_name ON object_type object_name TO role_name; Ex: GRANT SELECT ON table sales TO user_read; Revoking privileges is done using REVOKE command.

    Tuesday January 31, 2023