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    Launching My First Rust Crate: pkglock

    Excited to share my first Rust crate: pkglock 🚀

    pkglock is a CLI tool that automates the process of switching URLs in your package-lock.json. Tailored to ease the management of local and remote npm registries, it stands out as a handy utility for developers.

    Key Features: Configurable: Set up and switch between local and remote URLs effortlessly. Command-Line Support: Execute with various options straight from the command line.

    I rewrote it in rust to avoid having to transpile JS in order to support CommonJS and ESM.

    Monday October 30, 2023
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    Introducing pkglock: A Practical npm Utility

    Hello Everyone! 🚀 I’m thrilled to say that I published my first npm package: Pkglock.  

    I made it to solve some minor inconveniences that developers might face.

    The Problem

    While working with npm packages, I found Verdaccio to be quite helpful. It’s a private npm proxy registry allowing for local caching of npm packages, substantially speeding up the npm installation process. However, the use of Verdaccio introduced a slight hiccup in collaboration. Since it relies on a local cache, the resulting package-lock.json file makes collaboration challenging, as not everyone has access to my private, local cache.

    pkglock: A Simple Solution

    Enter "pkglock". It’s a simple tool, nothing flashy, just a practical utility that addresses this issue by making it easier to switch between the public npm registry and a local cached npm registry. It’s about smoothing out the development workflow, ensuring that you can collaborate with others efficiently despite using a local cache like Verdaccio.

    I’ll be writing a more detailed post on Medium soon, delving into the specifics, so keep an eye out for that if you’re interested in learning more.

    Until then, Happy Coding! 🚀👨‍💻🚀

    Sunday October 22, 2023